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  • Customised - Reel Battery Pallet TruckCustomised - Reel Battery Pallet TruckCustomised - Reel Battery Pallet Truck
    Capacity - Up to 10,000Kgs
    • Tailored design specifically for transporting and handling cable reels
    • Customized loading capacity to accommodate various sizes and weights of cable reels
    • Specialized attachments or features to secure and stabilize cable reels during transport
    • Battery-powered operation for efficient and maneuverable handling
    • Compact design for navigating tight spaces and narrow aisles in industrial environments
    • Ergonomic handle and controls for operator comfort and ease of use
    • Built-in safety features such as overload protection and emergency stop button
    • Suitable for use in warehouses, construction sites, and other settings where cable reels are commonly handled
    • Low maintenance requirements for cost-effective operation
    • Optional customization available to meet unique requirements or preferences of users

    Customised – Reel Battery Pallet Truck

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