About Technosys Equipments

Your One-Stop Solution Provider

Transforming Material Handling

Technosys Equipments Pvt Ltd incepted in 2014 is the most innovative Manufacturer of material handling solutions for all India customers and also overseas customers. TEPL is one stop solution provider with wide range on material handling solution.

We always provide right solution rather than selling just equipment to our clients. That is TEPL’s effective marketing strategy.
TEPL is having manufacturing facility in Bhosari MIDC, Pune.

Why Choose Technosys Equipments

Unparalleled innovation, reliability, and customer-centric solutions

Made In India

Technosys takes pride in its "Made in India" ethos, showcasing the country's capabilities in manufacturing high-quality material handling equipment.

Holistic Solution Provider

Unlike mere equipment sellers, Technosys is a comprehensive solution provider. They focus on understanding the specific needs of each client and offer tailored solutions rather than off-the-shelf products.

Custom Equipment Manufacturing

With its own design facility and technical capabilities, Technosys excels in manufacturing customized equipment that meets unique industry requirements.

Technical Expertise

The company boasts a team of skilled professionals well-versed in the latest technologies and industry best practices, ensuring efficient and reliable solutions.

Global Exporter

Technosys's successful export ventures to various countries highlight its international competitiveness and capability to serve a diverse clientele.

Sales & Service Network

The company's robust sales and service network ensures prompt support and maintenance, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Multi-Brand Service Provider

By partnering with leading manufacturers and suppliers, Technosys offers a wide range of products and services under one roof, providing convenience and reliability to customers.

Quality Assurance

Technosys maintains stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, delivering products that meet or exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

Innovative Approach

The company's continuous focus on innovation and R&D ensures that they stay ahead of industry trends and offer cutting-edge solutions to clients.


Company History Timeline
2006 - Founding Vision
Technosys was founded, marking the beginning of a journey towards excellence in material handling and movement solutions.
2012 - Global Expansion: Reel Stacker
Introduced Reel Stacker, a product exported to ATCO in Dubai, showcasing global reach and product quality in material handling equipment.
2015 - Eco-Efficiency: Electric Die Loader
Developed the Electric Die Loader, demonstrating commitment to eco-friendly solutions and efficient material handling processes.
2016 - Automation Revolution: Remote Operated Power Pusher
Launched the Remote Operated Power Pusher, revolutionizing manual handling processes with advanced automation tailored for material handling applications.
2017 - Versatility and Precision: Articulated Mast Forklift
Innovated the Articulated Mast Forklift, combining versatility and precision for enhanced warehouse operations and material movement tasks.
2018 - Global Reach: Exported AGV to Mercedes Indonesia
Successfully exported AGV to Mercedes Indonesia, highlighting Technosys's expertise in delivering cutting-edge material handling solutions globally.
2019 - Continuous Innovation: Remote Operated Mold Handler
Introduced the Remote Operated Mold Handler, showcasing continuous innovation in specialized industrial equipment for material handling.
2020 - Setting New Standards: India's 1st Multi-directional Truck
Delivered India's 1st Multi-directional Truck to MO Goa, setting new standards in material handling efficiency within the country.
2022 - Pioneering Outdoor Automation: India's 1st Outdoor AGV
Pioneered India's 1st Outdoor AGV, further solidifying Technosys's position as a leader in innovative material handling and movement solutions.
2023 - Innovating High Capacity Drum Handling Truck
Manufactured 12 Ton Capacity Drum Handling Truck, setting new standards for material handling in India.