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  • Battery Pallet TruckBattery Pallet Truck
    Capacity - Up to 12,000Kgs
    • Loading capacity ranging from 2,500 to 15,000kg, suitable for medium to high-intensity work in various industries
    • Enables secure and easy horizontal pallet movement
    • Can operate individually or in conjunction with a platform, optimized for long-distance material transport with an optimum length for easy control and excellent fork-tip visibility
    • Enhanced safety features include an emergency reversing device in the handle and braking applied with handle upright and horizontal position
    • Equipped with a brush-less drive motor and contact-less switches for low maintenance and positive feedback
    • Features a heavy-duty traction battery and a 2.2Kw heavy-duty hydraulic system for optimal performance
    • Utilizes a vertical driving system for efficiency
    • Battery side extraction allows for convenient battery replacement and maintenance
    • Emergency power disconnect switch for added safety
    • Built-in pressure relief valve protects the truck from overloads, increasing reliability
    • Tandem PU load wheel ensures smooth movement
    • Spring-loaded floating gearbox for improved performance and durability

    Battery Pallet Truck

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  • Copper Pallet Handling TruckCopper Pallet Handling TruckCopper Pallet Handling TruckCopper Pallet Handling TruckCopper Pallet Handling Truck
    Capacity: As per customer requirement
    • Specifically designed for handling copper pallets with robust construction.
    • Customized features ensure safe and secure transportation in copper manufacturing facilities.
    • Minimizes damage to copper pallets, enhancing operational efficiency.
    • Available in various configurations to meet specific requirements.

    Copper Pallet Handling Truck

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