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  • Tow Truck - 3 WheelTow Truck - 3 WheelTow Truck - 3 WheelTow Truck - 3 Wheel
    Capacity - Up to 3000Kgs
    • Compact design with three-wheel configuration for enhanced maneuverability in tight spaces.
    • Ideal for indoor applications such as warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.
    • Equipped with a powerful electric motor for efficient towing of heavy loads.
    • Offers versatility in towing various types of carts, trolleys, and equipment.
    • Features ergonomic controls and adjustable steering for operator comfort and ease of use.
    • Provides reliable performance and durability for demanding industrial environments.
    • Enhances safety with features such as horn, reverse alarm, and optional lighting accessories.
    • Can be customized with optional attachments or accessories to suit specific application requirements.
    • Designed for easy maintenance and serviceability to minimize downtime.
    • Increases productivity by streamlining material handling tasks and reducing manual effort.
    Sku: 39377

    Tow Truck – 3 Wheel

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