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  • Textile- Winder TrolleyTextile- Winder TrolleyTextile- Winder TrolleyTextile- Winder Trolley
    Capacity - 1000Kgs
    • The winder trolley is a versatile equipment used for winding and transporting various materials.
    • Designed to streamline winding processes by providing a stable platform for winding operations.
    • Equipped with adjustable components to accommodate different sizes and types of materials.
    • Features sturdy construction to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.
    • Enables efficient material handling and transportation within the facility.
    • Enhances productivity by simplifying the winding process and reducing manual effort.
    • Suitable for use in industries such as textiles, wire and cable, and packaging.
    Sku: 39427

    Textile- Winder Trolley

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