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  • Reel Hand Pallet TruckReel Hand Pallet Truck
    Capacity - Up to 2500Kgs
    • Effective and cost-efficient operation
    • Air- and dust-tight enclosure of the hydraulic circuit ensures trouble-free operation over long periods
    • 210-degree steering for excellent maneuverability in trailers and other confined working areas
    • Controllable fork lowering speed operated by hand control and foot pedal
    • Strong chassis construction (5mm Thick) permits safe handling of loads up to 2500 kg
    • Sturdy hydraulic lift unit housing, made as a single-piece casting, ensures long life
    • Equipped with an overload valve for extended service time
    • Ergonomic large handle with three control levers for ease of use
    Sku: 39296

    Reel Hand Pallet Truck

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