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  • Radio Pallet ShuttleRadio Pallet ShuttleRadio Pallet Shuttle
    Capacity - Up to 2000Kgs
    • Radio pallet shuttle system designed for efficient storage and retrieval of palletized goods.
    • Works in conjunction with specially designed pallet shuttles that move pallets within racking systems.
    • Enables high-density storage by maximizing vertical space utilization.
    • Reduces the need for forklifts to access pallets stored deep within racks.
    • Improves warehouse efficiency by minimizing loading and unloading times.
    • Offers versatility to handle various pallet sizes and configurations.
    • Increases safety by reducing the risk of accidents associated with traditional forklift operations.
    • Ideal for warehouses and distribution centers with high-volume storage requirements.
    • Can be integrated with warehouse management systems for seamless inventory tracking and management.
    Sku: 39416

    Radio Pallet Shuttle

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