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    Capacity - Up to 20,000Kgs
    • Employs robust construction to effortlessly move heavy loads, eliminating manual pushing or pulling.
    • Features ergonomic handlebars for comfortable operation and precise control.
    • Equipped with a powerful electric motor to provide efficient propulsion.
    • Ideal for applications in industrial settings, construction sites, warehouses, and more.
    • Enhances safety by reducing the risk of strain or injury associated with manual pushing.
    • Offers versatility in handling various types of loads, from pallets to machinery.
    • Increases productivity by streamlining material handling processes.
    • Provides a cost-effective solution compared to traditional forklifts or other heavy equipment.
    • Easy to operate and maneuver in tight spaces, improving efficiency in confined areas.
    • Available in different models with varying load capacities to suit specific needs.
    Sku: 39376

    Power Pusher

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