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  • Platform Truck 3 WheelPlatform Truck 3 WheelPlatform Truck 3 WheelPlatform Truck 3 WheelPlatform Truck 3 Wheel
    Capacity - Up to 3000Kgs
    • Three-wheel platform truck designed for efficient material transport in various industrial environments.
    • Compact and maneuverable design enables easy navigation through narrow aisles and tight spaces.
    • Equipped with a sturdy platform for carrying loads, offering ample space for goods or equipment.
    • Features three wheels for stability and smooth movement, even when carrying heavy loads.
    • Ideal for use in warehouses, distribution centers, factories, and other commercial settings.
    • Provides ergonomic handles for comfortable and controlled operation by the user.
    • Offers versatility in transporting a wide range of materials, including boxes, crates, and machinery parts.
    • Built with durable materials to withstand the rigors of daily use in industrial environments.
    • Enhances safety with features such as brakes or locking mechanisms to prevent unintended movement.
    • Can be customized with optional accessories or attachments to suit specific application requirements.
    • Increases efficiency and productivity by streamlining material handling tasks and reducing manual labor.
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    Platform Truck 3 Wheel

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