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  • Mobile Scissor Lift - Semi BatteryMobile Scissor Lift - Semi BatteryMobile Scissor Lift - Semi Battery
    Capacity - Up to 1500Kgs
    • Semi-battery powered for efficient mobility and versatility.
    • Equipped with a scissor lift mechanism for vertical movement.
    • Ideal for tasks requiring elevation, such as maintenance, installation, and repairs.
    • Offers a stable platform for operators to work at elevated heights.
    • Battery operation allows for silent and emissions-free performance.
    • Suitable for indoor use in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings.
    • Provides a safe and ergonomic solution for accessing elevated work areas.
    • Features easy-to-use controls for smooth and precise lifting operations.
    • Enhances productivity by reducing manual labor and increasing accessibility.
    • Designed for reliability and durability in demanding work environments.
    Sku: 39414

    Mobile Scissor Lift – Semi Battery

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