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  • Mini Platform Truck - Stand OnMini Platform Truck - Stand OnMini Platform Truck - Stand OnMini Platform Truck - Stand On
    Capacity - Up to 1000Kgs
    • Mini platform truck designed for compact material transport in confined spaces or narrow aisles.
    • Features a stand-on design, allowing the operator to ride on the platform for convenient and efficient maneuverability.
    • Equipped with sturdy wheels suitable for smooth movement on various indoor surfaces, including concrete or warehouse floors.
    • Ideal for use in retail stores, warehouses, workshops, and other settings where space is limited.
    • Provides a small platform for carrying lightweight loads, such as boxes, tools, or small equipment.
    • Offers ergonomic handlebars or controls for comfortable operation and easy steering by the user.
    • Enhances safety with features such as brakes or locking mechanisms to prevent unintended movement.
    • Compact size and maneuverability make it suitable for navigating tight aisles or crowded work areas.
    • Built with durable materials to withstand the rigors of daily use in industrial or commercial environments.
    • Increases efficiency by facilitating quick and agile material transport tasks within the workplace.
    Sku: 39381

    Mini Platform Truck – Stand On

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