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  • Mast LiftMast LiftMast LiftMast LiftMast Lift
    Capacity - Up to 2000Kgs | Lift Height Up to 10,000mm
    • Equipped with a 3-phase AC power pack for reliable operation.
    • Capable of serving up to 11 meters of travel distance.
    • Integral control system ensures smooth and efficient lift operation.
    • Features Through Out Entry with F Type entry/exit option.
    • Offers multiple entry and exit options for enhanced flexibility.
    • Includes push-button stations, lift-in-use indicator, and door open signal for user convenience.
    • Non-standard car sizes available to accommodate specific requirements.
    • Through car arrangement option for added convenience.
    • Cars, doors, and frames available in primed or stainless steel finishes.
    • Fast delivery due to easy production and installation, resulting in low costs and short delivery times.
    • Self-supporting design and electrical plug-in system minimize site preparation work.
    • Can be installed in existing environments with only a shallow pit required.
    • Mechanical and electrical controls placed within the shaft eliminate the need for a separate machinery room.
    • Energy-efficient, easy to install, and maintain, ensuring maximum utilization of available floor area.
    Sku: 39365

    Mast Lift

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