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  • Manual Drum Stacker - Parrot BeakManual Drum Stacker - Parrot BeakManual Drum Stacker - Parrot Beak
    Capacity - 350 Kgs | Lift Height - Up to 450 mm
    • Designed for manually transporting drums and barrels with ease
    • Capable of lifting an upright drum up to 400mm high for efficient handling
    • Equipped with parrot beak jaws to securely grip the top rim of drums
    • Versatile, able to handle virtually any rimmed steel, fiber, or plastic drum
    • Facilitates placing or retrieving drums at the corner of pallets for convenience
    • Suitable for transporting, palletizing, and depalletizing drums with precision
    • Provides a completely mechanical, automatic grip with wide jaws for lasting durability and reliability

    Manual Drum Stacker – Parrot Beak

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