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  • Lifting Platform - Bike TiltingLifting Platform - Bike TiltingLifting Platform - Bike TiltingLifting Platform - Bike Tilting
    Capacity - 500Kgs | Lift height - 1000mm
    • Specially designed platform for tilting and lifting motorcycles or bikes.
    • Enables easy access to the underside of the bike for maintenance or repairs.
    • Equipped with a tilting mechanism to securely hold the bike in place during lifting.
    • Provides a stable and safe platform for working on motorcycles.
    • Adjustable height and tilt angle for comfortable working positions.
    • Built-in safety features to prevent accidents or damage to the bike.
    • Ideal for motorcycle workshops, garages, or DIY enthusiasts.
    • Helps improve efficiency and convenience during bike maintenance tasks.
    • Durable construction ensures long-term reliability and performance.
    • Enhances workspace organization and workflow in bike repair facilities.
    Sku: 39432

    Lifting Platform – Bike Tilting

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