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  • Customised Hand Pallet TruckCustomised Hand Pallet Truck
    Capacity Up to 2500Kgs
    • Customized design tailored to specific needs and requirements
    • Capacity customization to handle varying load sizes and weights
    • Adjustable fork widths to accommodate different pallet sizes
    • Specialized attachments or features for unique handling needs (e.g., clamp attachments for irregularly shaped items)
    • Personalized color options or branding for corporate identity
    • Enhanced safety features such as additional brake systems or warning signals
    • Integration of specialized technologies for improved efficiency or tracking capabilities
    • Ergonomic design modifications for operator comfort and efficiency
    • Compatibility with specific warehouse or facility layouts and workflows
    • Consultation and collaboration with clients throughout the customization process to ensure optimal results
    Sku: 39298

    Customised Hand Pallet Truck

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