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  • Counter Balance Electric StackerCounter Balance Electric StackerCounter Balance Electric StackerCounter Balance Electric Stacker
    Capacity - up to 2000Kgs | Lift height - Up to 5500mm
    • Designed for stacking in medium to high-intensity environments such as warehouses, manufacturing industries, and retail stores
    • Loading capacity options of 1000kg and 2000kg to accommodate various needs
    • Can function independently or with a platform for long-distance transport
    • Forklift profile for mast building with a wide view mast for improved visibility
    • Equipped with an AC electronic controller by PGDT/Curtis for precise control
    • Tiller head design ensures maximum operator comfort during operation
    • Heavy-duty traction battery and power pack unit for reliable performance
    • Powerful high-quality AC vertical drive unit ensures high performance and low maintenance
    • Battery side extraction for convenient battery replacement and maintenance
    • Regenerative braking system improves overall efficiency and prolongs brake component life
    • Emergency power disconnect switch for added safety
    • Braking system applied with handle in upright and horizontal positions for increased safety
    • Built-in pressure relief valve protects the truck from overloads and increases reliability
    • Components are logically separated for ease of service
    • Self-diagnostics provided through the digital display for easy troubleshooting
    • 24-volt electrical system delivers efficient power for maximum performance and longer work cycles
    • Interlocking mast channel construction with ball bearing roller design ensures a long, trouble-free life
    • Gas spring-loaded control handle automatically applies the parking brake when released
    Sku: 39332

    Counter Balance Electric Stacker

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