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  • Coolant Carrying TruckCoolant Carrying TruckCoolant Carrying TruckCoolant Carrying TruckCoolant Carrying TruckCoolant Carrying Truck
    Capacity - Up to 1000ltr
    • Specialized truck designed for transporting coolant or other liquids in industrial or manufacturing environments.
    • Equipped with tanks or compartments specifically designed to securely hold coolant containers or drums during transport.
    • Features sturdy construction to withstand the weight of the coolant and ensure safe transportation.
    • Designed with safety features such as secure fastenings or restraints to prevent spills or leaks during transit.
    • Suitable for use in automotive plants, metalworking facilities, machining shops, or any other environment where coolant is used in industrial processes.
    • Offers maneuverability and ease of operation to navigate through tight spaces or around machinery within the facility.
    • Available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different volumes and types of coolant containers.
    • Enhances efficiency by providing a dedicated means of transporting coolant within the workplace, reducing the need for manual handling or makeshift solutions.
    Sku: 39382

    Coolant Carrying Truck

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