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  • Compact Electric ForkliftCompact Electric Forklift
    Capacity - Up to 1000Kgs, Lift height - Up to 3000mm
    • Designed for efficient operation in confined spaces and narrow aisles.
    • Electric-powered for quiet and emission-free performance, suitable for indoor use.
    • Compact design allows for easy maneuverability and navigation in tight spaces.
    • Equipped with ergonomic controls and adjustable seating for operator comfort during extended use.
    • Offers precise lifting and lowering capabilities for safe and efficient load handling.
    • Advanced safety features such as speed control and anti-tip mechanisms enhance operator safety.
    • Battery-powered operation ensures extended runtime and reduces maintenance needs.
    • Versatile for handling various loads, pallets, and materials with ease.
    • Enhances productivity in material handling tasks with its compact yet powerful performance.
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    Compact Electric Forklift

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