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  • Cantilever RackingCantilever RackingCantilever Racking
    • Cantilever racking systems are designed for the storage of long, bulky, or irregularly shaped items.
    • This feature horizontal arms extending from vertical columns, creating open-fronted storage bays.
    • Ideal for items such as lumber, pipes, metal bars, and furniture that cannot be accommodated on traditional shelving.
    • Provides easy access to stored items without obstruction from front-facing columns.
    • Suited for warehouses, lumberyards, hardware stores, and manufacturing facilities.
    • Adjustable arm heights and spacings allow for customization to fit various load sizes and weights.
    • Available in single-sided or double-sided configurations depending on space requirements and accessibility needs.
    • Offers efficient storage and retrieval of items, reducing handling time and improving workflow.
    • Maximizes vertical storage space while minimizing floor space usage, optimizing warehouse efficiency.
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    Cantilever Racking

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