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  • Batching Tow Truck - Stand OnBatching Tow Truck - Stand OnBatching Tow Truck - Stand OnBatching Tow Truck - Stand On
    Capacity - Up to 5000Kgs
    • Tailored for batching operations, facilitating the smooth movement of batches within industrial environments.
    • Stand-on design provides operators with a convenient and ergonomic platform for overseeing batching processes.
    • Equipped with a robust tow coupler designed to securely attach to batches or containers.
    • Ideal for transporting batches of materials or products between different production areas with ease.
    • Offers excellent maneuverability and control, enhancing efficiency during batching tasks.
    • Features a compact design for easy navigation through congested workspaces.
    • Designed for durability and reliability to withstand the demands of batching operations.
    • Can be customized with additional features or accessories to suit specific batching requirements.
    • Enhances workflow efficiency and reduces manual handling efforts in batching processes.
    Sku: 39374

    Batching Tow Truck – Stand On

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