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  • AGV - Auto Guided Vehicle Tow TruckAGV - Auto Guided Vehicle Tow Truck
    Capacity - 5000 Kgs
    • AGV (Auto Guided Vehicle) Tow Truck designed for automated towing and material transport applications.
    • Battery-operated for independent and flexible operation without the need for external power sources.
    • Equipped with advanced navigation and control systems for autonomous towing along predefined routes.
    • Ideal for use in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities to automate material transport tasks.
    • Enhances safety and efficiency by eliminating the need for manual towing or forklift operation.
    • Can navigate through dynamic environments, avoiding obstacles and adjusting routes as needed.
    • Offers programmable features for customizable operation based on specific task requirements.
    • Increases productivity by automating repetitive towing tasks, allowing human workers to focus on higher-value activities.
    • Compact design and agile maneuverability make it suitable for use in confined spaces and narrow aisles.
    Sku: 39434

    AGV – Auto Guided Vehicle Tow Truck

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