Model No. TTT10W


Description: This compact and user-friendly Battery WALKi PULLER, tows or pushes simply and without physical effort from one place to another no matter how bumpy or steep the route is. Ideal for Airport & Airfields / Flower Industry / Food & Pharmaceutical Industry / Workshops / Hospitals Farms / Caravan Parks / Retail & Wholesale and other applications.



  • Small and powerful,fit to any worker, male or female.

  • Stepless speed control, smooth / controllable speeds.

  • Electrically powered with built-in charger, free from taking heavy charger.

  • Gel battery, free from maintenance.

  • Emergency stop bevice.

  • Rubber pneumatic drive wheel with alternative treed patterns and material specifications

  • Low battery protection setting.

  • Significant productivity gains-either through a reduction in man power required to move loads,or increased speed of moving loads.

  • Fingertip control and compact size make the unit easy to maneuver.

  • Charger with UL certificate.

  • Ergonomic handle.
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