Model No. TRCBS10


Description: Electric reach stacker is typically designed for stacking of medium and high intensity, which includes
pallet transport and stacking in warehouses, manufacturing industries or retail stores. And its loading capacity is 1500kg. It can work independently as well as in connection with a platform. A platform is needed for long-distance transport.



  • Forklift profile for mast building - Wide view mast

  • AC electronic controller PGDT / Curtis

  • Germany FREI handle

  • Albright electric switch

  • Heavy duty Traction battery

  • SWISS BUCHER make Hydraulic system

  • Powerful high quality AC Vertical drive unit ensures high performance and low maintenance.

  • Battery side extraction: Battery can be removed from the side, making it very convenient to replace and maintain batteries.

  • Regenerative Braking improves overall efficiency and prolongs brake component life.

  • Emergency power disconnect switch.

  • Braking applied with handle upright and horizontal position, increasing the safety of the truck.

  • Built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overloads, increases the reliability.

  • Multifunction Control Handle comes equipped with large dual thumb wheels, lift, lower and horn buttons for simplified operation of all controls with either hand.
  • Hand Grips are designed at an angle to fit the operator's natural hand position comfortably, helping to reduce fatigue and increase operator efficiency.

  • Directional Thumb Wheels are ergonomically designed to enhance comfort by minimizing hand and wrist fatigue associated with twist grip.

  • Electrical, Hydraulic and Mechanical Components are logically separated for ease of service

  • Self-Diagnostics provided through the digital display allow easy trouble-shooting without the use of an external hand-held analyzer.

  • 24 Volt Electrical System delivers efficient power for maximum performance and longer work cycles.

  • Interlocking Mast Channel Construction with ball bearing roller design for long, trouble-free life.

  • Gas Spring-loaded Control Handle automatically applies the parking brake when the handle is released.
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