Model No. TCS10/TCS15


Description: Counterbalance electric stacker Suitable for indoor horizontal transportation and stacking, such as in warehouses, distribution centres and logistics companies, retail stores and so on. our 24-volt trucks offer lift heights up to 4.5 metres and load handling from 1 to 2 tonnes.



  • AC frequency conversion traction motor: compact structure, good performance, regenerative braking and easy maintenance.

  • Boucher Hydraulic pump.

  • AC controlling system sith sensitive reaction, low noise, less maintenance and strong control ability of the speed.

  • PGDT / CURTIS electronic controller

  • Germany Frei handle

  • Battery side extraction: Battery can be removed from the side, which makes it very convenient to replace and maintain.

  • Emergency reversing device in the handle improves operation safety.

  • Emergency power disconnection switch and ergonomic for operation.

  • Braking, applied with handle upright and horizontal position, increases its safety degree.

  • Built-in pressure relief valve help to avoid overloading, thereby increasing its reliability

  • Braking applied with handle upright and horizontal position, increasing the safety of the truck.

  • The forks with tilting system easy for loading and stacker.

  • High Storage battery ensures strong and long-lasting power.

  • Meter with BDI pump lockout, hour meter & error code guide

  • The braking system combines magnetic brake and regenerative break

  • The adjustable throttle valve can adjust the lowing speed of the masts.
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