Model No. RPM10/RPM15


Description: Radio Pallet Mover provides simple and effective pallet handling within the racking system. The
shuttle unit is moved between storage tunnels using a conventional forklift truck, with fork guides under the Mover unit ensuring safe and accurate handling.

The function of the Radio Pallet Mover is simple and efficient: At the entry of the storage tunnel, the shuttle picks up a pallet and moves it automatically down the tunnels to the end or to the next free pallet space. There it carefully sets the pallet onto the rack and moves back to the entry of the tunnel to pick up the next pallet. Truck and Mover work together hand in hand.



  • The Truck does not need to stand waiting for Pallet mover and is free to work on other things. This produces a very high rate of turnover while having the trucks waiting time.

  • The Pallet mover works without cables and is controlled using a radio transmitter via the truck.The display shows which machine is being controlled.

  • The Pallet mover is powered by rechargeble batterys which have a long operating time. The charging procedure is simple as the batterys are located in easily accessible cassettes.

  • The Radio mover both collects and drops off pallets. You need to drive in with the truck into the rack.
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