Model No. TAF2000


Description: Besides working in narrow aisles, the ARTICULATED MAST FORKLIFT can also work in bulk storage and congested manufacturing areas, The ARTICULATED MAST FORKLIFT comes standard with AC drive & AC hydraulic system and can also be equipped with a variety of hydraulic attachments, such as paper roll clamps, push/pull, and a carton clamp to further enhance its versatility.



A. AC drive & AC motor used
  • This eliments curbon brushes and commutators.
  • Reduces Motor related problems considerably
  • Almost maintenance free motor

  • B. Anti roll back teatures
  • It helps to stop the truck from rollig back while on gradient on release of accelarator

  • C. Effective Bracking
  • Electric
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic

  • D. 48 V system

    E. Reduces current & thereby reduces heating 30-40% Energy efficent than conventional DC system
  • It geves longer duty cycle per charge of battery Three forms of regenerative braking
  • It charge the battery on Deceleration, Braking and Coasting

  • F. LCD Display
  • Hour Meter
  • Speedometer
  • Performance level indicator
  • Parking Brake position
  • > Self diagnosis indicator

    G. High quality components are used
  • Imported AC motor ( Traction / Hydraulic)
  • Imported AC Controller ( Traction / Hydraulic)

  • H. Netural start lock
  • Prevents truck starting in command
  • Prevent uncontrolled starting of the truck
  • Prevent accidents.

  • I. Temperature sensor for each motor
  • Prevent excessive heating of the motors
  • Cut down the performance automatically without stopping the truck, till the system cools down to normal.
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