Model No. TFL10/TFL20/TFL30/TFL50


Description: Scissors Lifts have multi-purpose applications and are normally used to solve issues with handling, difference in levels, production and logistic areas. Our Scissor lift models can accommodate most pallet handling or assembly work station requirements and provide worker-friendly ergonomic assistance.

Scissor lift table is the special equipment for a wide range of aerial work. Every instrument of these lifts
characterized by a scissor mechanical structure, like the Triangle Law, it makes possible for the operator
to lift more things with a high stability. At the same time, it decreases the risk of working on the upper air.



  • Mobile scissor lift table, is mainly used as material feeding equipment in the assembling line.

  • Extra large plates

  • Structural heavy duty steel construction.

  • Easy action foot operated hydraulic lift for raising table top to desired level.

  • Hand operated table descent control.

  • Over load by pass valve protects operator and pump.
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