Model No. TAF15(AC)3W


Description: Battery operated Forklifts are generally used for high volume of material movement storage and loading unloading.



  • AC Drives and AC Motors used:
    > This eliminates Carnbon brushesh and Communators.
    > Reduce Motor related problems considerably.
    > Almost maintainance free motor.

  • Anti Roll Back Feature:
    > It Helps to stop the truck from rolling back while on gradient or release of
    • accelerator.

  • Effective Braking:
    > Electric
    > Mechanical
    > Hydraulic

  • 4. 48 Volts System:
    > Reduces Current & thereby reduces heating 5. 30-40% Energy Efficient than conventional DC system.
    > It gives longer duty cycle per charge of Battery.

  • Three form of Regenerative Braking:
    > It charges te Battery on Deceleration, Braking & Costing.

  • LCD Display:
    > Hour Meter
    > Speedometer
    > Performance Level Indication
    > Parking Brake Position
    > Self Diagnosis Indiacation

  • High Quality Components are used:
    > Imported AC Motors
    > Imporated AC Controller

  • Neutral Start Lock:
    > Prevents truck starting in command.
    > Prevents uncontrolled starting of the truck.

  • Temperature Sensors of each Motor:
    > Prevents excessive heating of the motors.
    > Cut down the performance automatically without stopping the truck, till the
    • system cools down to normal.
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